CRISIS HOTLINE 619.557.0500

Trained counselors are available 24 hours a day to talk with you if you are in jeopardy of hurting yourself or someone else.


Offers comprehensive services to crime victims. Advocates are located throughout San Diego County. Services may include:
• Crisis Intervention
• Emergency Assistance (housing, food, medical care, etc.)
• Community Resource Referrals
• Assistance with filing Victims of Crime Compensation Claims
• Information about the Criminal Justice System (case status, impact statements, restitution, etc.)
• D.A. victim advocates are also available to intercede on behalf of victims with family and friends as well as law enforcement officers and prosecutors.


When someone dies and there are assets to protect or the family of the decedent cannot be immediately located, the public administrator becomes involved.

Below, you will find downloads for our Grief Booklet. Included in the booklet in much of the information you have found here on the Dunamai site as well as additional resources.

DOWNLOAD the Secular Version of the Grief Booklet Here: Secular

DOWNLOAD the Spanish Version of the Grief Booklet Here: Spanish

DOWNLOAD the Christian Version of the Grief Booklet Here: Christian